Shiboridashi Dragon PS

country of origin Czech Republic


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Stoneware wood-fired at 1300ᵒC.
ø 9 cm x height 8.7 cm, 140 ml, glazed inside

Young tallent of Czech tea pottery - Petr Sklenička
"It all started during a holiday trip to Southern Bohemia where I first visited a potter’s workshop – it belonged to Martin Hadrava and his huge Kassel kiln impressed me at the first sight. When I came back home, I enrolled in a pottery course at the local primary school where I learned the basics and I went on to study the information I needed on the internet.
Today I have my third kiln, half a cubic metre, where I fire stoneware and porcelain at temperatures from 1250 to 1350 °C. What I like making the most is tea pottery – small pots, bowls and cups – but sometimes I venture to make larger stuff.
I like experimenting with different kinds of glazing – I make my own mixtures from ashes and other ceramic materials. I enjoy discovering natural materials – a bowl made from clay I had dug with my own hands, with ash glazing and singed with fire has its special charm."

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Year: 2020
Country of origin: Czech Republic