Nepal Himalayan Shangrila Gold, Autumnal Flush 2020 NT 444

country of origin Nepal

Loose tea
7,06 € / 50g

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Autumn harvest from the Himalayan Shangrila factory located at the foot of the Himalayan massifs in the village of Nepaltar in Ilam, East Nepal. Beautifully processed, regularly rolled, fully oxidized and completely unbroken dry leaves consisting exclusively of hairy top tips. Red-brown infusion full of dense round and very noble taste full of honey, exotic spices, heavier tones of roses, orchids and pickled stone fruit.

Preparation: Allow 3 teaspoons (8 g) for 1l of boiled water, steep for 2  - 3 minutes.

Small factory Himalayan Shangrila
is situated in Nepaltar village. The owners do not have their tea garden, they buy leaves from local farmers. We have visited the factory in 2010 and spent few wonderfull days there in nature of Himalayan foothills.
Local farmers originally grew tea for their own consumption. They processed it manually, a tradition perpetuated in many families until the present day. Farmers (supplying the tea to the factory) form an association supervising the tea-growing standards, “fair” conditions for the employees, as well as proper methods of tea plant cultivation and tea harvest.

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Form: Whole leaf
Area: Nepal - Illam
Estate: Himalayan Shangrila
Harvest: Autumnal Flush
Year: 2020
Lot: NT/444/2020
Country of origin: Nepal

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