Nepal Guranse Handrolled Floral First Flush 2020 G 52/20

country of origin Nepal

Loose tea
6,11 € / 50g

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First Flush from the Nepalese Guranse garden located in the Dhankuta region in eastern Nepal. Tea las light, unbroken, beautifully rolled and only slightly oxidized leaves consisting exclusively of the top bud and the first leaf (tips), have a pure unobtrusive floral scent with sweet tones of vanilla. A light sparkling golden-green infusion with a fresh sweet citrus aroma with a predominance of ripe tangerine, a soft to creamy taste of sugar cane and a pleasant astringency in the aftertaste.

Preparation: Allow 3 teaspoons (8 g) of tea for 0,5 l of boiled water, cooled down to 85°C, steep for 2  - 3 minutes.

Guranse Tea Estate
The Guranse Tea Estate is located on the Himalaya’s hillside near the Hile town in the Dhankuta region, at the altitudes from 1000 to 2225 meters above sea level. It is in sight of the Himalayan giants, Mount Everest and Makalu. This fairly young estate was established in 1990 and planted exclusively with the China-type tea-plant cuttings.  On its area of 25 hectares, the estate produces nearly thirty tons of black tea a year. A part of this production comes from an association of 73 small farmers growing tea on very small areas in extremely difficult terrains.

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Form: Whole leaf
Area: Nepal - Dhankuta
Estate: Guranse
Harvest: 1st Flush
Year: 2020
Lot: G 52/2020
Designation: Floral
Country of origin: Nepal

Black Tea