Vintage Mizusashi by Hashimoto Shiun

country of origin Japan


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A mizusashi (cold water container) is one of essential items used in the tea ceremony. It is used to hold fresh water to replenish the water heating in the iron kettle (kama), and clean the chasen (bamboo whisk). Mizusashi appear in a great variety of shapes and materials.
ø 16 x height 16.5 cm, 1500 ml, 9 years old

Hashimoto Shiun (born 1940) is the son of potter Hashimoto Jogaku who was born in Fukui prefecture and studied in Manchuria (China) in his early years. After WWII he studied with master potter Inoue Harumine and later became Shiun´s father and teacher. Shiun took over the kiln in 2003. The family has been practicing its craft in Kyoto since ancient times.



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Country of origin: Japan