Teapot Kyusu Green

country of origin China


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ø 9.5 cm x height 7.5 cm, 390 ml, green, glazed with a plum twig motif and stainless steel sieve
A bigger teapot, such as this one, is suitably used to prepare tea leaves which may be infused at 75 - 80°C (or higher; Sencha, Gyokuro, Shincha,...). A very practical teapot for serving tea during family meals or with friends.

Very practical teapot ideal for serving tea during a family meal or friends gathering. High quality tea that can be infused more time is best to prepare in side handle (kyusu) teapot or in shiboridasi (without handle). Teapots with small volume preserve the tea aroma and a specific sweetish taste of Japanese teas much better and make it easier for more infusions. 

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Country of origin: China