Japanese Teacup Kyo

country of origin Japan


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Japanese bowl in the style of Kyo, made about 30 years ago. Various events from the Japanese calendar are handwritten on the cup. The potter's seal is embossed on the bottom.
ø 12 cm x height 8.4 cm, 563 ml

Kiyomizu ware (清水焼, Kiyomizu-yaki) is a type of Kyō ware traditionally from Gojōzaka district near Kiyomizu Temple, in Kyoto. The history of Kiyomizu ware dates back to the Momoyama period. The earlier production phase is known as Ko-Kiyomizu (old Kiyomizu). One of the foremost producers of Kiyomizu ware is the Unraku kiln (雲楽窯, Unraku-gama), led by the current Unrako Saito III.

Country of origin: Japan