Guyu - Scent from Taiwan

country of origin Taiwan


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Original incense sticks from a family manufacture
The power of spring. Expressive, strong aroma with pleasant exotic sweetness of Indian sandalwood and the tones of hot or burning wood. Energetic and invigorating, suitable for mornings and to accompany the drinking of strong teas.
穀雨 Guyu

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Fragrant woods and tradition
Pure, quality incenses give fine and delicate aroma that imbue space, inducing calm, meditative, refreshing or festive atmosphere. In Asia, it has a long tradition; it is an art and a treat – like tea drinking, which it often accompanies, beautifully complementing each other.
Fragrant wood, the main ingredients of our incense sticks, comes from different places in Asia. It is always purely natural and naturally growing. The origin is important both for the aroma and a positive influence on the body.
Like in the world of tea, the Taiwan Island combines the depth of ancient Chinese culture with Japanese precision and purity. Our incense sticks are masterfully processes in a small family manufacture, where the art of ingredient selection, mixing and processing has been inherited for three generations.

Santal (sandalwood)
Popular aromatic wood used both separately and as a base for many kinds of incense sticks and mixtures.

Sandal wood is an exotic aromatic wood harvested especially from Indian sandalwood (Santalum album). It is rich in aromatic resins in the form of aromatic oils. It grows in southern Asia, west Asia (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka), Indonesia, the Pacific Islands (such as Hawaii) and Australia. Fake sandalwood is reddish and grows in East Asia (such as Thailand and Malaysia). It is imported in large quantities in China and Japan.


Country of origin: Taiwan