2009 Mengla Gushu Bing Cha

country of origin China


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Wild Trees Puerh
This exceptionally well processed sheng puerh in 400 g cake from wild tea trees comes from tea master´s Jingong Yu hands. The cake consists mainly of long, quite hairy unbroken leaves. It´s darker green brown metallic colour shows it´s maturity. It has pleasantly balanced aroma with a slight earthiness, sweet hint of spices, resembling of pepper or even smoke.
Golden – green in a cup with very pleasant mineral, soft creamy flavour with sweet pepper-like tones, hint of vanilla and mint with herbal woody euphorising aftertaste, that lasts for ever.

Recommended preparation (Asian style): we put 5 g of tea into small (100 – 150 ml) teapot or gaiwan, we pour with water, that was boiled and has approx 95°C. Let it steep very briskly for 10 seconds, tea endures 8 to 10 infusions like that. The peak is around 6th infuison, than prolong the steeping time.

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Carefully picked leaves comes from trees of big leave Yunnan variety that are 300 years old. They grow ina  jungle in Mengla district mountains, region Xi Shuang Banna, south Chinese Yunnan province. The picking is very difficult, since the trees grow solitary deep in the jungle. Pickers have to climb to treetops, where they pick the leaves by hand. They are then carefully sorted and warmed on wok pans, heated only by wood. The leaves are then rolled by hand and dried on the sun.

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Area: China - Meng La, Xi Shuang Banna
Year: 2009
Country of origin: China