Darjeeling Jungpana First Flush 2019, EX 08-19

country of origin India - Darjeeling

Loose tea
12,90 € / 50g

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First Flush from Jungpana Tea Estate, Darjeeling
Tea from a famous tea garden Jungpana situated in a picturesque landscape going up from Mahanadi river valley to the hills above Kurseong town, upto an impressive altitude of 2000 m, far from dust and noise of main roads.
Slightly darker green leaves from the first sight, rolled lengthwise into longer unbroken "wires", with a slight oxidation. Pleasantly heady aroma of blossomed orchards and a white chocolate. Goldish in a cup with a well balanced rounded flavour, sweet blossom nectar - like, with a hint of ripened exotic fruits and a vanilla with unending harmonious aftertaste.

Preparation: 3 teaspoons per 0,7 l of boiled water, cooled down to about 85°C, steep 2 - 3 minutes.

In early season, when leaves grow in very small quantities, tea is processed into so called micro-lots, marked as EX or EXN. These are quite exclusive batches of tea, highly valued for several reasons. First, it is a very small quantity of the very first spring tea that grew on tea bushes in Darjeeling (Nepalese tea is harvested few weeks later). Small quantity is practical for a whole further processing. It is much easier to manipulate with 10 kg of leaves than with hundreds of kilos that come for the lots later on.
Accuracy of the managers and attention they pay to those micro-lots is also one of the important factors. In the end, i tis the first product that is let out in spring, and not only tea bushes, but also tea managers are fresh after the winter time.

Lot - this number usually means the day of plucking and processing of a certain tea quantity. For example, tea plucked on the third day of harvest or 2008 will have a lot number 3/ 08. Tea in one lot undergoes the same processing. Thus it becomes a unique original.

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Form: Whole leaf
Area: India - Darjeeling
Estate: Jungpana
Harvest: 1st Flush
Year: 2019
Lot: EX - 08/ 2019
Designation: FTGFOP 1
Značka: Pure China
Country of origin: India - Darjeeling