Bio Assam Orthodox Satrupa TGFOP1

country of origin India - Assam

Loose tea
2,54 € / 50g

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Black Tea from Assam
Small, fully oxidized, orthodoxly processed leaf with dark chocolate and forest fruits. Thick and dark red-brown in a cup, a heavier and full honey- sweet flavor with spicy and citrus tones, long slightly astringent aftertaste. Tea is suitable for drinking with milk and honey or as an ingredience to mixtures such as Masala Chai.

Preparation: Allow 3 teaspoons of tea for 600 ml of boiled water, let it steep for 3 minutes.



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Form: Whole leaf
Area: India - Assam
Estate: Satrupa
Harvest: Assam - August Flush
Year: 2019
Designation: CZ - BIO - 002
Značka: BIO
Country of origin: India - Assam

Black Tea