2014 Singpho Falap Tribal Smoked Tea

country of origin India

Loose tea
17,61 € / 50g

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Smoked tea by Singpho
Singpho Falap means „tea of Singpho people“. Right after its unpacking, unforgettable smoky aroma will spread around and resemble a scout coming back after spending two weeks sitting at fire in the forest. Dry leaves have rather greenish to green – brown colour and an intense smoky aroma. Golden green in a cup with a distinct smoky aroma again. The flavour, on the contrary, is very delicate even smooth. This very delicate creamy nature of the tea flavour with a slight hint of smokiness, underlined with spicy tones and sweet woodness – that all creates a well balanced and mature impression.


Preparation: We recommend to prepare in a small teapot around 150 ml. Put 3 g into it and pour with water just boiled. Steep for 10 - 15 seconds. Like this make more infusions and prolong the steeping time.


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Form: Whole leaf
Year: 2014
Designation: Smoked
Country of origin: India

Black Tea