Chawan Greige PN

country of origin Czech Republic


Chcete pomoci s objednávkou?

+420 777 052 974

Stoneware wood-fired at 1300ᵒC.
ø 11.8 cm x height 8.5 cm, 450 ml

Peter about his work:
My tea drinking has a longer history than my clay work, so from the beginning of my ceramic journey I naturally focused on tea pottery which belongs to tea as fresh water or good company. On my journey, I search for boundaries between the natural imperfection of the wabi style and handcraft. A connection between the taste of tea and the material, a combination of discreet aesthetics and functionality. I am assisted by a living fire, the Phoenix, endowing each cup and teapot with a mood and life of their own.

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Year: 2019
Country of origin: Czech Republic